Sims 4**

Chapter 1: My Legacy Founder

Chapter 2: Week One

Chapter 3: Week Two

Chapter 4:  Birthdays!

Chapter 5: More Birthdays & The Heir is Named

Chapter 6: Lots Happening

Chapter 7: Too Many Kids

Chapter 8: Wishing I Hadn’t Picked Merit

Chapter 9: Early Naming of the Heir

Chapter 10: This is Gonna be a Long One

Chapter 11: Our First Male Heir!

Chapter 12: It’s Twins

Chapter 13: Just Another Day in Legacy Land

Chapter 14: Aiden Gets Hitched

Chapter 15: And the Legacy Continues

Chapter 16: Through the Secret Door and More

Chapter 17: Just Die Already!

Chapter 18: The Heir is Named and Generation Seven is Born

Chapter 19: Births, Deaths and All That Good Stuff

Chapter 20: Three Children Is Just Too Much

Chapter 21: Deaths and Birthdays

Chapter 22: Time to Make New Friends

Chapter 23: Do We Have a Winner?

Chapter 24: The Heir Takes Her Throne

Chapter 25: Ugh, Twins Again!

Chapter 26: The Twins Age Up

Chapter 27: The Forgotten Wedding and More

Chapter 28: Looks Like Another Early Naming of Heir

Chapter 29: Generation 9 Here We Come!

Chapter 30: Baby Madness Begins

Chapter 31: Kids Everywhere!

Chapter 32: The Competition Is Fierce

Chapter 33: Finally Got 10 Kids

Chapter 34: Legacy Complete


Sims 3**

This was my first ever blog challenge story.  It doesn’t start until the 8th generation though unfortunately.

Chapter 8.1: Generation 8 (My first blog post!)

Chapter 8.2: Simone Has a Boyfriend!

Chapter 8.3: So Much Happened

Chapter 9.1: It’s a Boy!

Chapter 9.2: Twins!

Chapter 9.3: The Girls are Growing up!

Chapter 10.0: The End of a Legacy

Family Tree & Final Score