(FYI: Moving some chapters from the old blog to this one had some casualties. Any pics that were in a gallery are gone and 3 chapters in the 4th generation are gone completely… I just made a single chapter with all of the screenshots from them.)

Chapter 1.0: Setting Up!

Chapter 1.1: Elise on the Town

Chapter 1.2: Elise the Workaholic?

Chapter 1.3: Elise Sees Fireworks

Chapter 1.4: Elise Has Babies

Gen 2 Heir Poll

Chapter 1.5: Elise Does Very Little Parenting

Chapter 1.6: Elise Aspires

Chapter 1.7: Elise Gets Renovated

Chapter 1.8: Elise Gets Abducted

Chapter 1.9: Elise the Alien Mommy?

Chapter 1.10: Elise Explores

Chapter 2.1: The Birthdays Part 1

Chapter 2.2: The Birthdays Part 2

Chapter 2.3: The Weddings

Chapter 2.4: Gen 2 Truly Begins

Chapter 2.5: Elise Leaves Us

Elise Robinson In Memoriam

Chapter 2.6: One Crazy Party!

Chapter 2.7: Full House Again

Chapter 2.8: Please Be My Friend

Chapter 2.9: Making Mischief

Chapter 2.10: The Birthday Train Has Arrived!

Chapter 2.11: Everyday Life

Chapter 2.12: Constant Craziness

Chapter 2.13: So Many Dates

Gen 3 Heir Poll

Chapter 2.14: A Bittersweet Goodbye

Chapter 2.15: First 4th Gen Baby!

Chapter 2.16: Everything Falls Into Place

Chapter 3.1: Family Drama

Extra: Flubbing Blunders (password flub)

Chapter 3.2: What You Wish For

Chapter 3.3: Keeps On Ticking

Chapter 3.4: Got Ya!

Chapter 3.5: Emotional Rollercoaster

Chapter 3.6: Distracted by Cuteness

Chapter 3.7: Reaper’s Revenge?

Extra: Nova’s Dating Game

Chapter 3.8: Moving on

Chapter 3.9: Total Party Fail

Chapter 3.10: Fertile Family

Chapter 3.11: Toddling About

Extra: Utopia Park

Chapter 3.12: Bowling Birthday

Gen 4 Heir Poll

Chapter 3.13: Birthday and Repair Nightmare

Chapter 3.14: Chillin’ with the Kiddos

Chapter 3.15: Ghostly Encounters

Chapter 3.16: Growing Up

Chapter 3.17: Plotting

Chapter 4.1: Misunderstandings

Extra: Bloopers & Outtakes

Extra: Open Your Heart

Chapter 4.2: Nooboo Fever  (chapter lost)

Chapter 4.3: Gen 5 is Secured (chapter lost)

Gen 5 Heir Poll (lost)

Chapter 4.4: So Spoiled (chapter lost)

4.2 to 4.4 Missing Screenshots

Chapter 4.5: Stop Being Sad Already!

Chapter 4.6: Harvestfest

Extra: Robinson Reunion

Chapter 4.7: Spooky Birthday

Chapter 4.8: Catastrophe

Chapter 4.9: Those Last Happy Moments

Chapter 4.10: Moving On

Chapter 4.11: Goodbye Kellie… For Now

Chapter 4.12: Every Day’s a Holiday

Chapter 4.13: Little Miss Can’t Do Wrong

Chapter 5.1: Baby Daddy Blues?

Chapter 5.2: Triple Play

Chapter 5.3: Ghostly Aid

Chapter 5.4: Good Help’s Hard to find

Chapter 5.5: Knowing the Score

Chapter 5.6: Striving for Perfection

Chapter 5.7: Never a Dull Moment

Chapter 5.8: Family Bonding

Gen 6 Heir Poll

Chapter 5.9: Elisevavidad

Chapter 5.10: Jam-Packed Fun!

Chapter 5.11: Matchmaking and Birthday Overload

Chapter 5.12: Ten Babies!

Chapter 5.13: Autumn Holidays

Chapter 5.14: So Much Sadness

Chapter 5.15: Ending on a High Note

Chapter 6.1: Generation Glitterati

Chapter 6.2: To Catch a Star

Chapter 6.3: Lovesick

Chapter 6.4: Celebrations

Chapter 6.5: Momstar

Chapter 6.6: Invasion of Cuteness

Chapter 6.7: Doggie Knows Best

Chapter 6.8: All About Family

Chapter 6.9: Another Birthday?!

Chapter 6.10: Balancing Work and Family

Chapter 6.11: Super-Mom!

Chapter 6.12: So Many Cousins!

Chapter 6.13: Pursuing Interests

Gen 7 Heir Poll

Chapter 6.14: Time Waits for No One

Chapter 6.15: Misery Loves Company

Extra: Jungle Holiday

Video: House Tour

Chapter 6.16: Wrapping Up

Chapter 7.1: Zuri’s Reign Begins

Chapter 7.2: So Much to Do So Little Time

Chapter 7.3: A Too Short Break

Chapter 7.4: Trying to Choose

Chapter 7.5: One Down, One to Go

Chapter 7.6: The Final Term

Chapter 7.7: Home Again!

Chapter 7.8: Welcome Gen Eight!

Chapter 7.9: Making Time for Fun

Chapter 7.10: Up to No Good

Chapter 7.11: The Plot Thickens!

Chapter 7.12: Welcome Stella!

Chapter 7.13: Overachievers 

Chapter 7.14: New Year, New You?

Chapter 7.15: Looking to the Future

Gen 8 Heir Poll

Chapter 7.16: The Cost of Character

Chapter 7.17: The Last Days

Chapter 8.1: So Many Introductions

Chapter 8.2: Love at First Sight?

Chapter 8.3: Love’s in the Air

Chapter 8.4: Festival Wedding

Chapter 8.5: Welcome to the Family

Chapter 8.6: Schooling at Home

Chapter 8.7: Celebration Overload

Chapter 8.8: Spellcraft and Sleuthing

Chapter 8.9: Heart & Soul?

Chapter 8.10: Good vs Evil

Chapter 8.11: The Mystery of the Millionaire Cat

Chapter 8.12: Clubs and Cats

Chapter 8.13: Nothing’s Ever Easy

Chapter 8.14: Surprise Visitors

Chapter 8.15: Birthday Reunion