Like the Sims 4 Whim Challenge the Sims 3 version is a Wishacy.  Same basic concept.  Another one that when I went back to it for whatever reason I couldn’t get into the save.

The Moone Wishacy

Chapter 1.1: Nyssa, Malcolm and Scout
Chapter 1.2: Amber, Lilith and Young Scout
Chapter 1.3: Scales?  Say What?
Chapter 1.4: Messing with Mods
Chapter 1.5: Endings and Beginnings
Chapter 2.1: All Messed Up!
Chapter 2.2: Farewell Scout
Chapter 2.3: One Hundred Twenty-Two
Chapter 2.4: Mayfield Springs
Chapter 2.5: Take Two
Chapter 2.6: Love Day Rocks!
Chapter 2.7: Bachelors, Grooms and Babies
Chapter 2.8: Traveling in Time
Chapter 2.9: Home from the Cave
Chapter 3.0: Bouncing Baby